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Monday, December 5, 2011

Resourceful To The Last Drop

Today will be rather peaceful. For that moment in life it was made clear that there should always be moments in life for laughter, and feeling at peace. Not taking even the smaller things in life for granted. Recently, I was in a public facility, you know just the normal things we may do on a Saturday, making a purchase of some products, or services, and needed to use the bathroom; nature called.

As, I entered the bathroom, I noticed the water faucet was just running, and at first I just walked past not paying attention. Maybe the person who left it on would come back to turn it off; maybe. To my surprise they did not return, and I was left there watching the water just run. The water ran so fast, I was hesitant to use it, so I used the sink right next to the sink that was already running; talk about being resourceful.

That moment in life made me think about just going to the bank to cash my bi-weekly check, and request ONLY singles. Yes, I could see the bankers’ face now. As the money is being counted; the whole time, I am thinking in my head, “I Can’t wait to go for a ride with my NEW money.” Not just any kind of ride; I am think how good I would feel to drive 50 mph down the highway letting all my hard earnings, the lose dollar bills, flurry out of the open rear window of my car, as the music plays.

Back to reality; because in a sense, this is what is happening every time you leave that water faucet just running. We are wasting a natural recourse; and for this we all can help. Let’s learn to use natural resources wisely, STOP ALL RUNNING WATER FAUCETS! So, of course you know the moral of the story is before I left the bathroom I turned off the running water faucet. Now that’s being resourceful. How can you help?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Repsonse To #NBA Lock-Deal, So What To The FAN!

All, I want for Christmas is the NBA, the NBA, the NBA. Finally, the moment the basketball fans have been awaiting. The two parties have come to terms, and the NBA is scheduled resume by December 25, 2011. Many people maybe excited that the NBA paid superstars will be back to work doing what they love for millions of dollars.

The million dollar questions is are the #FAN happy with the outcome. Started to have a flashback of the King James "Decision to take his talents over seas to South Beach. If the players, and owners were at odds over all the money that was on the table, at what point were the FAN thought during the meeting. If not for the fans, then who are you really playing for? Tell Us What You Think.